Decorating Bottles with Twine

Decorating Bottle with Twine

Wine, liquor, or champagne bottles are a bonanza for DIY home decor ideas. One of the easiest DIY projects is decorating bottles with twine. You only need a few materials – old glass bottles, twine, glue, and some beads for additional decoration. Below are links to the materials I used to decorate an old whiskey bottle:

First, make sure that the glass bottle is clean and that all the labels are removed. If you are having trouble removing the labels, soak the bottle in warm soapy water overnight. The labels will be easier to remove afterwards.

There are variety of ways for decorating bottles with twine. If you are looking for something simple, you can wrap twine around the bottle. Use the glue sparingly and only when necessary to hold the twine in place.

You can also wrap stripes of twine in different colors. The different strings should be tied in a knot. To hide the knot, cover it with twine. Keep all the knots in one vertical line, which will be the “back” of the bottle.

Another way, which looks more abstract and interesting, is to make circles from the twine. Start gluing at the middle of the circle. Use just a little bit of glue as you want to minimize the amount of glue marks that are visible on the decoration.

Decorating Bottles with Twine Decorating Bottle with Twine

Once you have the completed the circles, glue the twine to the mouth of the bottle. Then, start wrapping the twine around the bottle. You don’t have to use a lot of glue to wrap the bottle with twine – just a few spots every 3 or 4 turns will hold it. Make sure that the twine you are using is a different color from the twine circles. Glue the twine around the circles and cover the entire bottle. You can mix different colors of twine – just glue the beginning of the twine on the bottle when you switch colors.

Decorating Bottles with Twine Decorating Bottles with Twine

Decorating Bottles with Twine Decorating Bottles with Twine

To make the twine wrapped bottle a bit more interesting, you can glue beads around the circles, in the middle of the circles, and around the mouth and the neck of the bottle.

Decorating Bottles with Twine Decorating Bottle with Twine

Below is the bottle I got after decorating it with twine. I also made some matching DIY twine flowers, so I can use the bottle as a twine vase. I used some leftover materials from the bottle decoration to make the twine flowers. Check out this blog post for a step-by-step how-to for making the twine flowers.

Twine Flowers and Decorating Bottles with Twine Twine Flowers and Decorating Bottle with Twine

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