DIY Dress with Beads

DIY Dress Kit: White Dress and Blue Beads

One of the easiest DIY dress designs is making a dress with beads. All you need is a plain dress, a thread matching the color of the dress, and beads. An old necklace can be perfect for the beads and a great way to put it to use. If you don’t have anything suitable for this project hidden in your closet, try some of our suggestions below:

There are a variety of different designs you can try. Flowers and geometric designs seem the easiest ones for me. A design that turned out quite well was a dress with beads triangle. I used blue pearl beads and a plain white strapless dress. The fabric of the dress should be thick enough to hold the beads without getting torn or stretched. Also, the hole of the beads should be large enough to pull a needle through. You should avoid using beads that are too big, as it will be harder to make tight stitches and the beads will be loose.

To make this dress with beads triangle sewn on the fitted top, start by sewing a bead on one of the stitches of the top. Use a white non-glossy thread to match the color of the dress. After sewing the first bead, make sure that the stitch is tight and sew the second one. Try to keep the distance between the beads similar and keep sewing until you reach the other stitch of the top.

For the second row, start by sewing the first bead between and below the last two beads of the first row.

The last bead of the second row should be below and between the first two beads of the first row.

Follow the same rule for all subsequent rows. Each row should have one bead less than the preceding row. Finally, the last row will only have one bead.

Make sure that your stitches are strong and tight by ending them with an overhead knot. You do not need to make a knot after sewing each bead – it is easier and faster if you sew the beads and only make an overhead knot for the first and the last bead you sew. Make sure to start with a very long thread so you can sew all the beads at once.

I ended up pairing the dress with a chunky pearl necklace that goes quite well with the beaded top. It took me around 30 minutes to complete this very simple design. A great project for a lazy weekend afternoon!

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