DIY Hair Clips Ideas: Tulle and Sequins Decoration

DIY hair clips with sequins

DIY hair clips are a great way to make your own unique hair accessory in no time! Here are two ideas for DIY hair clips decoration using tulle and sequins. The materials below are all you will need for this quick DIY project:

1. DIY Hair Clips with Tulle Pom Poms

To decorate your hair clips with tulle pom poms, start by cutting five 2″ wide 6″ long strips from the tulle. If you are using two tulle colors, cut five strips from each color.

Hair Clip DIY with Tulle Pom Poms How to make DIY hair clips

Next, use the invisible thread to ruffle the strips. Weave the needle and the thread along the edge of the tulle strip and gather the tulle. Finish the pom pom by tying the thread in a knot. Do the same thing with the second color.

Make your own hair clips by decorating them with tulle pom poms DIY Hair Clips Ideas: Tulle and Sequins Decoration

Sew the two pom poms together, stitching the lighter, smaller pom pom at the center of the bigger darker one. Finally, use hot glue to glue the pom poms on the hair clip. Finish up the DIY hair clips decoration by cutting some of the tulle to shape the pom poms.

Making hair accessories Making hair clips with tulle pom poms

2. DIY Hair Clips with Sequins

Talk about an easy DIY! To decorate your hair clips with sequins, all you need to do is glue the sequins on the clips. Use transparent hot glue for better results. You can also try gluing different sizes sequins for a more interesting look.

Making DIY hair clips Accessories DIY Hair Clips with Sequins

It took me around 30 minutes to make the DIY hair clips. I am planning on using these as accessories to match a pair of fabric loafers that I up-styled with tulle, beads, and sequins. Another very easy option for DIY hair accessories is decorating plain hair ties with tulle pom poms – check out this blog post for a short how-to.

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