DIY Home Décor: Tips on Making an Accent Piece

DIY Painted Glass Vase

DIY home décor projects are a great way to make accent pieces that go perfectly with your existing furniture and home ambiance. Not only will you save money, but also decorate your home with something unique. Here are some ideas on how to create an eye catching accent piece.

  • Paint a Glass Vase with Acrylic Paint

Use acrylic paint to color glass bottles, vases, or bowls in a color palette that matches your home. If you are not good at drawing, don’t despair – use geometric shapes instead and paint an abstract piece. Lines, circles, triangles, or anything similar are easy to draw and can look very sophisticated depending on the color combination. Use a flat brush, instead of a round one, if you are painting lines or angles. Outline the colors with a thin line of black paint. This will make every shade stand out. To get nice pastel colors, mix the colors with white paint. Try to use nuances, starting out with a deeper base color, and then adding white paint to the base to get a variety of lighter shades. If you are not planning on pouring water in the glass container, you can paint the inside of it, instead of the outside. If you paint the inside, you will be able to easily clean dust off the painted piece.

Check out the links below for the supplies you’d want to use for these projects:

  • Draw a Matching Picture

You can use the tips above to make a complementing DIY home decor piece – a matching painting. Geometric shapes with black outlines will make the piece look good even if you cannot draw at all. Consider drawing on different sizes of canvas, maybe even use slightly different shades of the same colors for the different canvas sizes. Acrylic paint will be a safe bet for this, because it is easier to remove than oil paint, but the color is a lot more intense than watercolors.


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