DIY Infinity Scarf Decoration

DIY Pink Infinity Scarf Kit: Do-it-yourself braid and beads decoration

Braiding is one of the easiest DIY clothing decorations projects. We talked about braiding a shirt in one of our previous blog posts and today we will use the same trick to make a DIY infinity scarf decoration.

Below are the materials you can use to complete this short DIY:

  • DIY Braid Decoration

This do-it-yourself design does not require sewing. To braid the scarf, use chalk (or a pen in a color you wouldn’t mind being visible) to mark one inch intervals. Next, turn the marks into 2 inch lines and cut the fabric along them.

You can also try folding the fabric where you want the braid to be in two and making 1 inch long marks 1 each apart. Pin the folded fabric together and cut along the 1 inch marks. Once you unfold the fabric, the actual length of each cut will be 2 inches. This is an easy way to cut the fabric without damaging it when making the first cut.

After you are done cutting, you will have loops on the fabric that we will use for braiding. Pull the second loop through the first loop, then the third loop through the second one, and so on until the last loop. To end the braid, tie the last loop in a nod.

Braiding will make the fabric shorter, creating a nice ruffle effect. If you want to reduce the length even more and have more ruffles, increase the interval between the marks and their length. If you want to make a looser braid, make the marks longer and keep the same one inch interval between them.
In the picture below, we made two braids on the sides of the infinity scarf. To save some time, before cutting along the marks, you can fold the scarf in half and pin the two halves together. Once you start cutting, you will be cutting the loops for two braids at a time.

  • Decorate the Braids with Beads

You can use colorful beads and shells to add an eye-catching personal touch to your scarf. Sew them on the braid of the scarf and make sure to pull the thread tight when sewing – this will reduce the length of the braid and create more ruffles. You can alternate shells and rose beads or make 4 braids – two with rose beads and two more with shells. When sewing the shells, only sew through one of the wholes.
Finally, if you have any leftover lace, you can use it to make the do-it-yourself braid more interesting. Tie or sew the lace to one end of the braid and weave it through the braid. For the designs below, I pulled the lace above one loop of the braid, and then under 3 loops, repeating this until the end of the braid.

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