DIY Picture Frames with Beads

DIY Picture Frames Decorated with Beads

This weekend I tried one of the best types of do-it-yourself project – DIY picture frames with beads. It’s easy, quick, cheap, and impossible to mess up. I decorated plain wooden picture frames with beads. If you are looking for a beginner-friendly DIY project this is a great place to start. The materials you will need are plain picture frames, beads, and glue.

I got 4 plain wooden frames with glass cover, so it is easier to clean the dust. The frames also have a stand so you can use them to decorate shelves and not worry about finding a suitable spot on the wall for them. Make sure that the frames are plain and not engraved – you will need a flat surface for the glue.

For the beads, I tried to choose some that match the home decor in my living room.

The only pointer for the glue is to make sure that when it dries, it is transparent. A super glue or any kind of multi purpose glue will do, just to test it before you start crafting to make sure that when it dries it stays transparent.

In less than 30 minutes, I glued the beads on the 4 picture frames.

DIY Picture Frames Decorated with Beads
DIY Picture Frames Decorated with Beads

I have also tried painting picture frames, using nail polish to decorate them, or gluing lace on the frames. I loved all of these design options. Check out this blog post for a more detailed description of DIY decoration with lace, nail polish, and acrylic paint.

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