DIY Picture Frames

DIY Painted Picture Frames

Picture frames can be a great addition to the decoration of your home. However, if you are working on a picture collage wall, or if you want to hang more than a couple of nice frames, you may find yourself spending quite a bit. DIY picture frames are the way to go if you want to stay frugal but at the same time have beautiful frames. Check out these three ideas on do-it-yourself picture frame decoration using the materials below:

  1. Lace them up

You can decorate a plain paper frame by gluing lace on it. After you glue the lace, trim any excess at the corners of the frames. In addition to lace, you can also glue beads or buttons to the frames.

Plain Paper Picture Frames DIY Picture Frames with Lace

  1. Paint the frames with acrylic paint

You can use acrylic paint to change the colors of a plastic or a paper frame. If you are not good at drawing, try a more abstract design. Outline the shapes you draw with a thin black line of paint so that the colors pop. Draw a black line also around the inner edge of the frame, so your picture stands out more. You can use a thin flat brush for these black lines since this type of brush makes it easier to draw even straight lines. In general, try to use fewer colors and lighter shades, so the frame doesn’t draw attention away from the picture.

Plain Paper Picture Frames DIY Painted Picture Frames

  1. Brighten them with nail polish

Finally, you can use your nail polish to make cute dots or lines on the frames. We talked in more detail about this design in the DIY decoration with nail polish blog post. Here you can see the final results of this DIY picture frames decoration.
DIY Picture Frames Decorated with Nail Polish DIY Picture Frame Decorated with Nail Polish

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