DIY Pillow Decoration: How to Make a Painted Accent Pillow

DIY Throw Pillow Decoration

You know what they say about throw pillows – you can never have too many! Whether you are using them to snuggle on the couch, or to make your patio furniture more comfy, cushions always hold a special place in our home. If you love decorative cushions, you are definitely not alone! As Wayfair tells us, cushions are the most popular patio add-on. So today we’ll combine our passion for throw pillows and DIY and explore some cute cushion decorations. We will restyle old throw pillows and give them some spark and color. This DIY pillow decoration is very easy to make – no sew and absolutely no hassle. You’ll be done in about half an hour.

To make these decorative pillow covers, we used the materials below:

The fabric paint and markers worked quite well on the beige pillows. We opted for a floral DIY pillow decoration, but if you feel more adventurous, you can paint whatever you want.

To make the floral DIY throw pillow decoration, start by drawing the stems of the flowers. You can use regular green for some, and then mix green and black for others. The stems should have different height and should be spread out evenly.

How to Make an Accent Cushion with Fabric Paint How to Make an Accent Pillow with Fabric Paint

Once you have the stems, use the white color to draw the circle center of the flowers. For some of the flowers, use a mix of yellow and white instead.

DIY Throw Pillow Decoration Making decorative pillow covers

Now it’s time to start drawing the flowers. To draw the flowers, simply draw a circle around the white and yellow spots. We are not going for a perfect circle here – just keep the lines smooth and let your imagination fly.

DIY Throw Pillow Decoration Ideas DIY Cushions for Couch

Mix and match colors that go well with the rest of your home decor. We suggest limiting the number of colors to 4 or 5 so that the DIY pillow decoration is not too colorful – remember, we just need a little bit of color, nothing too flashy. Once you are done, let the paint dry for a few hours.

The final step for making these decorative pillow covers is highlighting all the different shapes and shades with a black fabric marker. This little trick will make the colors pop and will give the DIY decoration a more complete look.

DIY Throw Pillow Ideas DIY Throw Pillow Decoration

Below you can see the final decorated couch cushions. If you want to explore other DIY throw pillow designs, check out this blog post for 3 more creative decoration ideas.

DIY Pillow Ideas DIY Throw Pillows


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