DIY Seaside Inspired Bottle Decoration

Upcycled glass bottles

If you are wondering what to do with empty glass bottles, try this very quick and easy bottle decoration DIY. We will be making seaside inspired decorations using old liquor bottles and a few basic nautical crafts supplies. Below you can fins links to suitable materials.

Once you have your materials ready, follow the three easy steps below to make the glass bottle decoration:

1. Glue some thick twine.

To start making the bottle decoration, glue thick twine on the glass bottle using hot glue. In terms of twine colors, we decided to bet on the standard nautical themed ones – natural beige and light blue. You can consider a few different options for the twine bottle decoration. First, you can wrap the entire bottle with twine. Alternatively, you can glue twine in the middle of the bottle. Finally, you can only glue twine around the mouth and the base of the bottle.

Upcycle glass bottles with twine Gluing twine on upcycled liquor bottle Upcycled glass bottles

2. Glue seashells.

Once you have the twine glued, you can also glue some seashells. A couple of things to keep in mind when using seashells to decorate an old bottle:

  • Opt for smaller seashells if you are using a round bottle. Otherwise the shells will be awkwardly sticking out of the bottle, making them more likely to beak. If you have a bottle that is square or rectangular, shells decoration will be easier to make.
  • Apply the glue on the part of the seashell that is the most flat. This will maximize the glued surface and make the decoration more durable.

Making beach theme DIY liquor bottle decoration DIY Glass Bottle Decoration Decorating old glass bottles with twine and seashells

3. Add matching filling.

Finally, you can use beach themed small decorations for filling. We used smaller shells and light blue wood chips. The only thing to keep in mind when selecting the fill is that it needs to be narrow enough to go through the mouth of the glass bottle. Do not use filling if the bottle is completely wrapped in twine, as it will not be visible.

Below you can see three old liquor bottles that we upcycled with seaside inspired crafts supplies.

How to decorate bottles

If you are looking for more nautical decor ideas, check out this easy DIY for making cute beach themed picture frames. If you have more old glass bottles and want to decorate them as well, take a look at this DIY idea for wine bottles decoration.

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