Easy DIY Accessories: How to Make a Lace Necklace or Headband

Lace necklace with diy flowers

DIY accessories projects are probably the best place to start if you are looking for a fun and easy do-it-yourself project. Such projects take little time to complete and do not require any sewing experience or special supplies. If you are looking for some DIY accessories ideas, follow the steps bellow for an easy DIY lace necklace or headband.

The materials you will need are:

  • Elastic lace
  • Small patch of white fabric
  • Thread that matches the color of the lace
  • A needle

Here are some really pretty lace patterns that would be the perfect candidate for this DIY project:

  1. Cut three strips of lace with the same length

Take the elastic lace and select the appropriate length by placing it around your neck or head if you are making a headband. Add five more inches to this length and then cut the lace.  If your lace is wider (5″ as opposed to 1″), fold the lace patch two or three times and then cut it vertically in three thinner strips. This will give you three thin lace strips with identical length. Once you have the three lace strips, tie their end in a nod.


  1. Braid the lace strips

Start braiding the three lace strips – the tighter the braid, the shorter the necklace will be. Because the braid will take off some of the length of the strips, it’s always better to start off with at least five inches extra length – you can always cut the strips later on if they are too long.

  1. Make the final nod and loop

Once you are done with the braid, tie two of the lace strips in a nod. The third strip should be used to make a loop:

I’d like to add a second layer of the necklace or headband, so I will repeat the first two steps, using longer lace strips. By doing this I will have a layered necklace or a double headband. Once you braid the lace strips, tie both ends of the strips in a nod. Take each of the ends and pull it through the braid of the first necklace. Then tie a nod to attach the second necklace to the first one.

To finish the necklace, cut any loose lace and sew together the loose ends with a thread matching the color of the lace. This will prevent the ends of the lace from unraveling.

Next, I will decorate the necklace or headband with two lace flowers. I made these flowers with the same black lace. The center of the flowers is white, made by cutting a circle of white fabric. For instructions on how to make these flowers with petals, check out this video tutorial.

Use a thread that matches the color of the lace to sew the flowers.

To close the necklace or headband, pull the nod on one of the ends through the loop on the other end. This is how your DIY accessories will look at the end:


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