Easy Wine Corks DIY: Vase Decoration

Easy Wine Corks DIY Vase Decoration

Wine corks come in handy for a variety of DIY projects. There are so many things you can make with corks – key chains, picture holders, wreaths, you name it! The perks are many – wine corks are easy to work with, light, and, let’s be honest here, most of us can collect quite a few in just a few months! I finally decided to put my saved wine corks to use and make a vase decoration. I used just a few things to complete this quick and easy wine corks DIY project:

The first step is to make sure the vase surface is clean. I washed my glass vase and dried it carefully with a paper towel. If the surface is not clean, the corks may come unglued.

Once the vase is clean and dry, slice the wine corks into round pieces. I used a utility knife and a wooden board to do this. You’d want to keep
the wine cork slices relatively thin, otherwise they will be harder to work with and the surface of the vase will look chunky. The synthetic wine corks (i.e. the ones that feel like rubber or plastic and have a lighter color) are easier to cut, whereas I had some trouble cutting a few of the natural corks. If you are working with natural wine corks, you can try this how-to for making wine corks easier to cut.

Once you have the wine cork pieces, it’s time to glue them onto the vase. I used a glue gun, which, I’ve come to realize, is one of the best and most essential DIY tools you’d want to get. The glue guns are cheap, easy to use, and very useful for a variety of DIY home decor. So if you don’t have a glue gun, I strongly recommend getting one – it was one of my best craft supplies purchases!

Easy Wine Corks DIY: Cutting Wine Corks Easy Wine Corks DIY: Gluing Corks on Vase

I started gluing the cork pieces from the top of the vase and tried to alternate between corks with different colors. You can also cut the cork piece in half if you need to cover just a small gap between pieces. A quick note for all the champagne lovers out there – I did use a few champagne corks along with the wine ones. The champagne corks are bigger and looked very well when paired with the smaller wine corks circles.

Finally, I filled the vase with some of my leftover wine corks. I am planning on using it for a wine cork container so I can save plenty of corks for my next project.

Easy Wine Corks Do-It-Yourself Vase Decoration Easy Wine Corks DIY Glass Vase Decoration

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