How to Make DIY Spaghetti Straps for a Strapless Dress

DIY spaghetti straps on a pink strapless dress

Strapless dresses are an elegant, never out of style, and can look great when combined with the right accessories. One of the best things about strapless dresses, however, is that they are a blank canvas for do-it-yourself modifications.

We have previously shared with you different ways to redesign a strapless dress. Today we are going to focus on sewing DIY spaghetti straps on a strapless dress. We are going to sew four spaghetti straps and cross two of them on the back of the dress.

To complete this easy DIY project, you will need a strapless dress or a tube top, elastic lace and a thread matching the color of the lace. Using elastic lace will make it easier to measure and sew the straps, as the straps will stretch and accommodate for any mistakes you might make when determining their length. Check out the links below for our product suggestions for completing this DIY project:

Start by measuring how long the straps need to be. The easiest way to do that is putting the dress on and using pins to attach the lace patch to the dress. For more detailed instructions, you can check this short video tutorial.

Once you have measured the length, add several inches to it before cutting a patch from the lace. If your lace is too wide (e.g. 5 inches as opposed to 1″), fold the lace patch a couple of times and then cut it vertically into three lace strips. Gather the ends of these strips, reverse the dress, and sew them on the dress using a thread that matches the lace color. If the dress is lined, you can sew the strips on the lining, thus leaving no visible stitches on the front of the dress.

Next, braid the three lace strips and, at the end, sew them onto the neckline of the dress. You do not need to tie the strips in a nod since stitching them to the dress will hold them together. Again, you should reverse the dress so the stitches are not visible.

Repeat the same steps for the second strap. If you feel like trying out something flashier, sew two more DIY spaghetti straps that cross on the back. Keep in mind that the crisscrossed straps will require longer lace strips.


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