How to Make Twine Flowers

Twine Flowers

DIY twine flowers are one of the easiest and cheapest DIY home decor ideas you can try. To make decorative twine flowers, you will need a few small branches, twine, buttons, beads for decoration, and glue. I found some small branches in the nearby park and used the materials below:

To start, tie the twine in a knot at the base of the branch. Wrap the twine around the branch, covering the knot. I like the color of the natural wood, so I did not want to fully cover it with twine and I kept the twine loops sparse.

How to Make Twine Flowers

After wrapping the entire branch, there are a couple of types of twine flowers you can make very easily:

1. Making twine flowers with buttons

Use large decorative buttons as a center of the flower. Pull the twine through the button holes and tie the button to the branch. Cut several strings of twine (with equal length). Glue their ends close together on the back side of the button. The resulting twine ellipses will be the petals of the flower. Once you are done with the petals, you will have a twine flower with a button as a center.

How to Make Twine Flowers How to Make Twine Flowers How to Make Twine Flowers

2. Making twine flowers from colorful circles

Another easy way to make twine flowers is by gluing different colors of twine in concentric circles. Start by gluing the end of the twine in a small circle. Then, wrap the rest of the twine around it. Use just a little bit of glue at the side of the twine to glue the next circle. The less glue you use, the less glue marks you will see on the flowers, so try to use as little as possible.

Once you are done with the first color, glue the end to the beginning of the next color of twine and keep making concentric circles. Finally, glue the end of the twine to the circle.

How to Make Twine Flowers

You can use beads to finish the decoration of the twine flowers. Try gluing a bead at the center of the flower – it will make the twine flowers more interesting and will cover any glue marks at the center. At the end, glue the flower to the twine-wrapped tree branch.

DIY Twine Flowers

Below you can see the DIY twine flowers. If you want to make the matching twine-decorated bottle, check out this simple how-to. The materials you need for it are the same as the ones we used for making the twine flowers.

Twine Flowers Twine Flowers and Decorating Bottle with Twine

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