Abstract Painting Ideas for Beginners: Using a Stencil

DIY Canvas Art Ideas

If you are worried that you can’t draw and any attempt at drawing will only result in wasting a pricey canvas – fear not, my DIY friends! Today we will go over some abstract painting ideas for beginners that will help you make a unique wall art piece even if you draw like a 5 year old.

First, if you have a canvas – that’s great – you can go ahead and use it for this DIY project. However, you can also opt for a foam board instead. You’ll save some money and the result will be very similar. An added benefit to using a foam board is its weight. The painting will be so light that you can use hook suction cups on it and hang it on tile. It is also very easy to cut and you can cut it into pieces with different sizes for a more diverse collection of paintings.

Below are the materials we used for this easy abstract art idea.

To start, apply a ground color on your canvas or foam board. Pick any color that is not too shiny. Light blue, yellow, or grey go quite well with a lot of shades, so I tend to prefer these 3 colors.

Let the ground color dry. In the meantime, you can prep your stencil. Cut a sheet of paper into circles and rectangles of different sizes.

Paper stencils makes abstract drawing a piece of cake Rectangular paper stencils for DIY abstract wall art Making a paper stencil for abstract wall art

Then, fold each of these shapes a few times. Use small scissors to cut circles, triangles, rectangles, or squares from the folded paper. Once you unfold the paper, you will see symmetrical and identical cuts.

Paper stencils for drawing abstract paintings for beginners Paper stencils for DIY canvas art ideas

After the ground color dries, place the stencil on top of the canvas or foam board. Pick an interesting shade and paint over the stencil. Repeat the same thing using different stencils and colors.

Diy painting canvas with a stencil Canvas art ideas for beginners using a stencil Easy to paint canvas

Once the paint is dry, outline the different shapes with black paint.

Abstract painting ideas for beginners Canvas painting ideas for beginners

Below you can see the final result. Because of the bright colors, I think these abstract paintings will work quite well in a children’s room or on a plain white-tiled bathroom wall.

Canvas PaintingIdeas for Beginners Easy Canvas Art Ideas

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