DIY Cute as a Button Dress

DIY Cute As A Button Dress

The DIY projects that I enjoy the most are pretty, interesting, easy, and quick. This one definitely fits the bill – a dress with DIY button decoration.

The materials I used are cute black and white buttons and a white strapless dress. You can also use these similar items below:

You only have to sew the buttons on the dress and you get your unique, personalized, and cute outfit. There are some tips that will make this quick DIY project even easier:

  1. Use a matching thread

If you use a white thread to sew the white buttons and a black one for the black buttons, the thread will not be visible.

  1. Avoid using glossy threads

If you use a glossy thread instead of a regular cotton thread, you will have a hard time tying a tight nod. This will make it easier to lose a button. Pick a soft cotton thread without a shiny coating. Depending on the fabric of the dress, it might be trickier to tie a tight knot. If the fabric is thinner, like the lining on the white strapless dress I used here, tie a bigger knot, or, even better, tie the two ends of the thread together in an overhead knot.

  1. Pin the buttons first

If you are more adventurous, you can start sewing the buttons right away. However, if you are a believer of the “measure twice cut once” approach, you might want to pin the buttons to the dress and see how it will look like before starting to sew.

  1. Pick your design

I sewed the buttons without following a specific pattern. The only thing I was aiming for is having the right balance of black and white buttons throughout the top of the dress. However, you can try many different designs. For example, you can sew a button in the middle of the top and then make concentric circles around it. In the end, the buttons will all form a circle. You can align the buttons vertically and have stripes of buttons on the top. Sewing only a few rows of buttons right under the neckline will also look good and probably suit someone with minimalist taste better.

  1. Accessorize

You can use the buttons to decorate a variety of accessories, such as headbands, hair clips, or even flip flops. Pretty much everything made out of fabric can be spiced up with a few of those cute black and white buttons. If you are looking for a complete outfit, figure out the shoes, jewelry, or hair accessories you will pair the dress with and sew a button or two on them as well.


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