DIY Jeans With Lace Pockets

DIY lace sneakers and lace pockets on jeans

Recently we shared with you some ideas on decorating sneakers with lace. Today we are going to complement them with an easy idea for DIY jeans – adding lace to the pockets.

Jeans, just like fabric sneakers, are inexpensive, comfortable, and you wear them quite often. This makes them one of the best choices for a do-it-yourself project – you can personalize your casual look and spice it up a bit without risking ruining an expensive outfit.

We used black elastic lace for the decoration. Below are a couple of links to materials similar to the lace fabric and appliques we used:

To sew the lace on the pocket, we used a small and basic sewing machine – nothing fancy, advanced, or expensive. Ideally you would want to have a wide lace patch that completely covers the pocket. However, we had three thin lace patches that we stitched together to cover the whole surface of the pocket.

Sewing will be easier if you use a lace patch that is bigger than the pocket. You can trim the ends of the lace after sewing it if they do not match the size of the pocket.

It is possible to hand sew the lace on the jeans, but it will take a bit longer to complete. Regardless of whether you are working with a sewing machine or not, use a thread that matches the lace for best results.



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