DIY Straps Decoration

DIY Lace Straps with Butterfly Appliques Design Variation

DIY straps decoration for a dress or a top is a great way to make your outfit more interesting and eye-catching. One of the designs I tried is sewing butterfly appliques on do-it-yourself lace straps. I used a strapless dress, black elastic lace, and butterfly lace appliques. With these materials you can quickly put together this design as well as a variety of other DIY variations:

The straps are made by braiding thin lace strips. For a more detailed description of how to make them, you can check out this post. By the way, the same trick can be used for making a DIY lace necklace.

To measure the length of each straps I used pins – lots of them! The elastic lace also helped, since if the straps are a bit too short it will stretch and still look good.

The three straps you see below are of different length. The strap directly over the shoulder is the shortest one. Each strap to its right, closer to the center of the neckline, is longer than the preceding strap. Try to space the straps equally on the front and on the back side of the dress.

Sew the butterfly appliques on the straps using a white thread. Then, use the same color thread to sew the straps on the reverse side of the dress.

I also tried sewing some of the butterflies on the fitted top part of the dress. That way you end up with white butterflies on black lace for the straps, and black butterflies on white fabric for neckline. Make sure to use a black thread to sew the black butterflies on the dress – this will make the stitches invisible.

One of the best things about this DIY straps decoration design is that you do not need a sewing machine to create it. It is quick and very easy.

The dress showed here also has DIY lace hemline and belt. If you’d like to try the DIY lace hemline or neckline, check out this short tutorial. You may also want to add a lace belt to pull the whole outfit together – this video will show you some tips on how to make the belt.

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