Do-It-Yourself Decoration for Fabric Boots

Fabric Boots with DIY Decoration

Fabric boots have become a must-have for the winter season. However, their design is usually very plain and universal. Here are some ideas for do-it-yourself decoration for fabric boots that will add some spark and a personal touch to their look.

I have two pairs of fabric boots – one in dark brown and the other in light beige, similar to the ones on the links below. I used thin emerald lace from to personalize my dark brown boots. For my second pair of fabric boots, I used some red flower appliques I had hidden in my crafts cabinet.

  • Decorating Dark Brown Fabric Boots With Blue Lace

The color combination of dark brown and bright blue immediately caught my eye, so I decided to sew some blue lace flowers to the side of each boot. To do this, you’ll first need to cut the lace in flakes. You can cut the lace in small rectangles and trim the edges to soften the shape.

Once you have the little flakes, use a thread that matches the color of the boots for sewing. Sew through the shorter side of the flakes to make a shabby petal and then sew the flakes on the boots in a circular shape. This will give you a flower-like decoration for the fabric boots. You can concentrically sew two or three circles of flakes to make larger flowers with cascading petals.

Pair the boots with tights in matching shade of blue for a brighter winter look.

  • Sewing Red Flower Appliques on Light Beige Boots

Use a thread that matches the color of the flowers (red in this case) since the stitches will be visible over the appliques.

These two easy tricks can totally transform the look of the boots and help you stand out from the crowd of plain fabric boots that floods the streets every winter.

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