How to Make Cute DIY Garden Labels

Cute garden markers

DIY garden labels are a great way to keep your garden organized. They also add a nifty detail and a personal touch to your patio. If you are tired of playing detective with the plants you planted, here is a simple and easy how-to for making cute garden markers in less than 30 minutes!

These homemade plant labels are very cheap to make. You will need a piece of cardboard, wooden pins for clothes, tealight candles, black marker, and some paper labels. Below are the materials I used:

Make sure that the cardboard you are using is clear and does not have any marks on it. You can add a bit of color to the labels by picking colorful tealight candles instead of plain white ones.

Start by writing the names of the plants on the labels.

Diy herb markers Homemade garden labels

Place the same number of plain stickers on the cardboard. Cut the cardboard around the stickers and place the plant labels on the reverse side of the cardboard.

Plant labels and markers Diy plant labels

Diy herb signs Homemade garden markers

Use a small pot to melt a few tealight candles. Keep the heat low and check regularly to see if the wax is melted. Then, use the pins to dip the labels in the wax and let them dry.

Homemade plant labels Seed markers

While the wax is still melted, pour it in a can or a metal container and wipe the pot clean. Once the garden signs are dry, they would be water and weather resistant, so you don’t have to worry about rain or watering. Simply place the pin in the pot and your DIY plant labels are good to go!

Below you can see the DIY herb signs I made for my small herb garden.

Diy herb labels Homemade garden signs

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