Ideas for Decorating Jars: DIY Bathroom Jar Containers

Mason jar bathroom ideas

Bathroom jar containers are a great way to get your toiletries organized. If you are looking for some bathroom storage ideas, you can try this quick and easy DIY with a few mason jars, glass jars, or plastic containers you have at home. You can make these cute organizers in less than 15 minutes!

For this jar decoration project I used plastic ice cream containers I had at home. However, mason jars for bathroom storage will also work, as well as any other glass jar or container with a lid. Make sure that you have plastic containers or jars that are in a cylindrical shape. In other words, you don’t want to use anything that narrows toward the mouth. In addition, you will need a little bit of fabric, hot glue, and a cute drawer knob. Below you can find materials similar to those we used to make the bathroom jar containers.

Measure the height and circumference of the jar. Add 1/4″ to its circumference and mark the dimensions on the fabric. I used a vanishing marker to make sure my fabric patch has straight edges.

Decorated mason jar ideas Diy mason jar projects

Decorate with mason jars Decorating ideas using mason jars

Then, apply a little bit of hot glue on the container and glue the ends of the fabric.

Jar craft ideas Crafts made from mason jars

Now that the mason jar is wrapped with the fabric, pinch a hole in the center of the lid of the jar. I used a utility knife and a screw driver to make the hole. Screw a drawer knob on the lid to give it a more vintage and unique look.

Mason jar diy projects Mason jar ideas for decorating Bathroom storage ideas

You can fill the DIY bathroom jar containers with cotton balls, Q tips, band-aids, and whatever else you have hidden in your bathroom drawers.

Mason jar ideas for bathroom Mason jars in bathroom

If you are looking for more storage DIY ideas for bathroom, check out this blog post on covering boxes with fabric. Don’t want everyone to see the content of your bathroom trash bin? Try this simple trick for making a trash bin lid.


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