Painting for Beginners: 6 Easy Steps for Painting Abstract Cats

Three Abstract Cats Painting

Painting is a great way to relax, express yourself, and create something beautiful. An additional perk is that in the end you have a unique home decor piece to enjoy. However, if you are not one of the lucky few that are able to create beautiful paintings on a whim, you are probably worried that your attempts at painting will only yield results worthy of the talents of a 5-year-old. This is why we decided to write a series of blog posts describing simple and easy-to-replicate painting designs. Our first suggestion is painting abstract cats for beginners.

Let’s be honest here – drawing animals ranks very high on the difficulty spectrum for people who are not a painting whiz. However, painting abstract cats can be very easy.
You only need a few supplies to complete this project:

Follow these 6 steps that will work even for the least skillful artists-to-be out there.

1. Apply a ground color on your canvas. Choose any color (other than shiny white) as a canvas background color. Cover the canvas with a layer of paint and let it dry. For more tips on choosing and applying ground colors, check out this very helpful post.

2. Start by drawing a rectangle with a wide base at the bottom of your canvas. This rectangle should become more narrow as you extend its sides toward the center of the canvas.

3. Draw a semi ellipse on top of the rectangle. Then, extend the ends of the semi ellipse to form two triangles for the ears of the cat.

4. Connect the triangular ears by drawing another, smaller, semi ellipse. The inner ends of the triangles should align with the narrow ends of the rectangle you drew in step 2.

5. To draw the eyes, outline two ellipses that are tilted diagonally on the face of the kitty. Instead of having them in a horizontal position, you’d want to draw them at an angle. Extend the inner ends of the eyes down and draw a rectangle between them. This rectangle will be the nose of our cat. If you want, you can also add a mouth by drawing a triangle whose base is the top of the rectangular body of the cat.

6. Use two colors to color the cat. The color of the rectangular body should match either the top or the bottom of the cat’s face. You can also add spots to the body of the cat.

Initial Outline of an Abstract Cat Painting for Beginners Painting Outline of a Black Abstract Cat

Abstract Cats Paintings Without an Outline Outlining with Black Paint Abstract Cats Painting

Repeat the same steps for any additional kitties you want to include in your painting. To make sure your hues match, use the same set of colors across objects. To finish the painting, use black paint and a very thin brush to outline all the different shapes and colors on the canvas. This little trick will make all the colors pop.

Two Abstract Cats Painting Three Abstract Cats Painting

Two Abstract Cats Painting Painting Abstract Cats for Beginners

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