Quick and Easy DIY – Patchwork Headband Decoration

Two diy headbands with lace patches

DIY headbands are some of our favorite mini do-it-yourself projects because they are easy to make, can be the perfect accessory for an outfit, and can totally save a bad hair day and, let’s face it, we’ve all had a few of those. We have previously shared with you several different ways you can use your DIY skills to decorate a headband. Today we will focus on something even easier and better suited for a lazy night in. We will make a patchwork headband decoration using elastic lace and black velvet headband, similar to those shown below:

Start by wrapping the lace around the headband and use pins to hold the lace tight. Cut the lace and use a thread that matches the color of the lace to stitch the ends together. Because the lace is elastic, your stitches should be longer. Pull each stitch tight so that the lace is stretched around the headband.


After you sew the first patch, you can turn the patch so that the stitches are on the inner side of the headband and are not visible.

Follow the same steps for sewing the rest of the patches.

We wanted to have patches with different width, so every patch was thinner than the previous one. Below you can see the finished headband decoration with patches. We tried the same thing with thin blue elastic lace. For the headband with blue lace, all our lace patches were the same width for a more symmetrical look.


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