Using Nail Polish for DIY Home Accessories

DIY Bathroom Mirror Painted with Nail Polish

Finding home décor accessories that are interesting, unique, and match the color palette of your home can be challenging. Luckily, simple DIY can help you turn plain home décor pieces into eye-catching and personalized decorations. One place to start is your nail polish stash. Below you can find some ideas on using nail polish DIY to give your home décor a fresh new look.

  • DIY Nail Polish Decoration for the Bathroom

Most of the bathroom necessities, such as mirrors and tooth brush holders are either very expensive or plain-looking. You can use different nail polish colors to paint any of these objects. I tried doing this with an enlarging mirror in my guest bathroom. Using different shades of blue nail polish, I made little dots throughout the frame of the mirror. Now I have something more interesting to look at while putting my make up on in the morning.



  • DIY Nail Polish Decoration for the Kitchen

One of the kitchen accessories I use most often is a ring holder. However, finding one in a bright color seemed to be almost impossible. I decided to transform a spoon rest into a ring holder plate. I painted a plastic spoon rest with nail polish for this colorful look:


  • Something for the Living Room

The living room is usually the place where you hang a variety of pictures. If you don’t want to break the bank while shopping for picture frames, try buying a plane plastic frame and then paint it with nail polish. Here is an example of a black plastic frame decorated with dots and lines using nail polish.


  • DIY Nail Polish for Your Personal Accessories

If you are not able to find a case for your phone, but you are tired of its generic look, use nail polish to make a flower from nail polish dots. You can do the same thing for your laptop if you are feeling more adventurous. The nail polish will not damage the plastic cover of the device. Another thing you can personalize are your keys. You can paint the top of your key with nail polish for a fun new look.

The amount of nail polish I used to decorate my keys, mirror, and ring holder was very little, so do not worry about running out of your favorite color. Old nail polishes can also be the perfect candidate for these projects. And let’s be honest, your nail polish probably goes bad before you are able to use all of it, so why not use some to personalize your home.

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